Bonfire Night

So for anyone living in the UK they will understand this term for anyone else the may not have even heard of it. Without giving you a seven page storie to read I will explain as simply as I can. Our government building in London is called the house of parliament.

Houses of Parlement

In 1605 a dude called Guy Flawkes attempted to blow up the houses of parliament. He failed the King at the time James the made it a public day of Thanksgiving. People around London would lite bonfires. Modern day bonfire nights consist of fireworks, bonfires and the emergency services getting fireworks thrown at them.

For me as a child I hated it. We lived in my multi (tower block) and fireworks would look like the would almost fly throw the window. They where loud, there was massive crowds of people and there was fire. However as an adult I became less afraid of the bangs and fire and as long as I was on the edges of the big crowds I could handle that too. For me however this is not a celebration of a plan being stopped or tresion. This is a celebration of something very Brithish standing around no matter how rubbish the weather is and having fun with your loved ones. Also means that we are well and truly on the count down to Christmas and there is nothing wrong with that.

A little bit about me- the early years

I was born in April 1981 a month before the fairytale wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

You might ask why that’s important at all but to me it was very significant to the time I was born and the kinda world I was entering. I was born into a time where as soon as I was old enough like many girls I started to love the idea of being a princess and wearing a big dress and one day a handsome prince was going to save me. I don’t hate that this was the case but it would be something that would make me struggle to identify who I was as a person and my own sexuality.

I spent the first five years of my life in a tower block (Multi) building on the 8th floor. Now for many people all over the world the idea of high rise living is great. The thought of beautiful views sounds amazing but trust me there is a bit difference from a stunning penthouse high rise apartment in Los Angeles and a flat in a multi in the UK.

The beautiful high rise apartments of Los Angeles
Glasgow’s red road multi storys

Living in a grey concrete block with very high winds and lots of rain is certainly not my idea of fun. My only memory’s of that time really are of the night terrors I would have of things crawling along the walls coming to steal me away. I was four years old and I remember going to see the Doctor who advised my mum I simply had an overactive imagination and that I would simply grow out of them. I did the exact day I moved out of the multi and into a house they stopped. They where replaced for the most part much happier dreams. Still to this day whenever I am in one of these multi blocks I feel a little afraid which I know is crazy but it’s there none the less so as a rule I don’t really spend any time in them. Thankfully most of them have been demolished now thank goodness for progress.

Living in a house and having a garden was something I loved. I would play for hours and hours outside most often alone. I has two sisters and some of my school friends lived near by. I was not sort on having people to play with but more often that not I choose to simply to be by myself. I would spend hours in worlds I created in my mind with lots and lots of imaginary friends. The great thing about playing in your imagination is that it’s a safe place to be that you control it and maybe that was why I was more comfortable there but I really just loved it so spent most of my time there. If I knew and even understood what at introvert was at this point in my life it would have explained so much to me but as I had not heard of it or even understood it I had personally labelled myself as odd and a little strange. I always felt okay with it for the most part especially as I was encouraged so much by my Mum and especially by my Gran to just be myself. In fact my Gran would fuel these garden adventures often proving me with old clothes and most importantly ideas from the books she would read to me and the movies we would watch together. I would spend hours at her house playing in her garden.

My dream Garden

Being outdoors was not my only joy I found I also found it in books , TV , movies and later computer games. First though there was books. My Granny was an avid reader and my Mum too , So fortunately for me and my sisters we where surrounded by books and always encouraged to read books and write our own stories.

Like most children my books consisted of the fairytales but my favourite books where the Wizard of Oz and the BFG.

I read four of the OZ books before I ever seen the movie. I dont know what it was about these books that I enjoyed over the others but I did. They where not about prince and princess living happily ever after, there where about cowardly lions and tick tok men,witches,lions and patchwork girls.

To be continued…….. 🦄